Programs, Projects and Activities for the Ensuing Year/s

2016. What a year that was! The euphoria brought upon the Lucenahins by the citywide transformation has not had sinked in us just as yet. Yet somehow, something tells us that now the City landscape has a tinge of newness and life in it. Hear these: Newly constructed or refurbished roads and buildings; business edifices and enterprises mushroomed; a new City Public Market rose from the ashes of the burnt old one; a new massive structure we now know as the centralized Lucena City Government Complex sprouted in the midst of a wide expanse of greenery. Even the traffic route has been changed and experimented on to ease transport and mobility in bottleneck areas and choke points. Actually, the review list could go on and on. But, for the meantime, the Lucenahins are visibly awed by the high-impact, development-oriented, pro-people programs, projects and activities (PPAs) the City Government of Lucena has embarked on. And from the looks of it, there is still no point in stopping.

The year 2016 had been another busy year, as usual, for the City Government of Lucena. And in terms of development program and project implementation, one may wonder [pardon the unintended repeat] how the City Government of Lucena had been able to sustain such a seemingly ambitious task of simultaneous citywide transformation vis-à-vis its socio-economic upsurge?

One may venture on possible reasons. One is having a dynamic political and economic leadership which could be translated into an almost symbiotic-like relationship between the Executive and Legislative branch of the City Government. So, a big check mark!

Second is having a team of abled, result-oriented and purpose-driven support personnel, who share the same view on how to manage an organization - such an LGU - based on the “matuwid na daan” principle. Another check mark!

Three, and not the least important, is having a strong economic base. No organization will come to life and prosper without a sustainable source of fund and a “balanced budget”. A check mark, indeed!

“It is very important for a balanced budget to be maintained where programs and projects should be delivered to the general public. Mismatch between income and expenditures must be avoided by all means possible” such that an “ensured cash flow for payment of obligation must be well managed to avoid deficit of fund. Above all else, “a concerted effort from both the executive and legislative bodies is crucial for the LGU to achieve (its) fiscal sustainability.” Very well said.

Accomplished High-impact Programs and Projects of the City Government of Lucena:

1. City Public Market in Barangay 6 [Poblacion]
2. Lucena City Government Complex in Barangay Mayao Kanluran
3. DonVictor Ville socialized housing project in Barangay Silangang Mayao
4. City Public Cemetery in Barangay Marketview
5. Free tertiary education program at the Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng Lucena [DLL]
6. City Slaughterhouse in Barangay Silangang Mayao
7. City Auction Market (Phases 1, 2, and 3) in Barangay Mayao Kanluran
8. Ecotourism Road from Barangay Ilayang Talim to Barangay Isabang
9. Eight(8)-Lane Lucena Diversion Road
10. Lucena City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program, Environmental Management Program [thru the Twin Rivers Management Program], 4Ps Program, Yellow Card Program, People Empowerment (Senior Citizens & Gender Sensitivity and Development [GAD]) Program; and
11. Solid Waste Management Program thru establishment of City/Barangay Materials Recovery Facility

Other Lucena City Projects, Programs and/or Activities for the Ensuing Year/s (Source: ELA 2016-2019)


Social Welfare Office Responsible
1 Children and Youth Welfare Code CSWDO
2 Early Childhood Care & Development CSWDO
3 Day Care Sessions CSWDO
4 Improvement of residential facilities CSWDO
5 Additional personnel CSWDO
6 Rescue/round up operations of street children to be turned over to RAC for proper disposition CSWDO
7 Night Care CSWDO
8 Family Welfare Program CSWDO
9 Family Development Sessions/PES CSWDO
10 Creation of 10 permanent positions for DCW CSWDO
11 Creation of youth organizations CSWDO
12 Training and camps CSWDO
13 Educational Support CSWDO
14 Children's Festival CSWDO
15 Hiring of personnel for WEDC Shelter CSWDO
16 Creation of programs for WEDC Shelter CSWDO
17 Establishment of Councils of Women CSWDO
18 Establishment of GAD Office with corresponding personnel CSWDO
19 Establishment of Monitoring & Evaluation System CSWDO
20 Production or procurement of IEC materials CSWDO
21 Establishment of Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force CSWDO
22 Radio Program on Family Development CSWDO
23 Multi-Media Value Formation Campaign CSWDO
24 Family Unity Week Celebration CSWDO
25 Establishment of social pension for indigent and sick senior citizens and PWDs CSWDO
26 Birthdayt gift for PWD CSWDO
27 Community-based rehabilitation program for education, health, employment and provision of assistive devices CSWDO
28 Identification of beneficiaries (to include WEDC and families of child laborers, street children, neglegted and abused children, RAC residents) CSWDO
29 Strengthening of monitoring system CSWDO
30 SAMA Badjao Program (FDS, Skills Training Program) CSWDO
1 Creation of Plantilla Positions CHO
2 Bagong Lucena Health Program CHO
3 Clinicsys (Clinical Information System) Teleconsultation Activities CHO
4 Increase Philhealth Enrolment CHO
5 Access to sanitary toilet facilities CHO
6 Supplemental feeding CHO
7 Rehabilitation of the old cemetery and Additional apartment vaults and bone vaults to the new cemetery CHO
8 Community-Based Rehabilitation Program @ Brgy 6 former Pedia Clinic CHO
9 Institution-based rehabilitation CHO
10 Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center CHO
11 Conversion of City Health Office (Zaballero Subd) into a satellite center CHO
12 Conversion of District Health Unit III-(Brgy 10) - Center for Barangay Health Alliance CHO
1 Vocational-Technical Livelihood Skills Training LMSTC
2 TESDA accreditation of LMSTC offered courses LMSTC
3 Creation of LMSTC extension community-based/mobile training program LMSTC
4 Support for teachers who obtained a 100% NC II passing rate LMSTC
5 Expansion of ALS Implementation, including RBI (Radio-Based Instruction) and Abot-Alam program DepEd
6 Mapping of 506 grade 10 completers DepEd
7 Assistance to indigent students, teachers, solo-parents DepEd
8 Recognition of Zero-OSY barangay DepEd
9 Refurbishment of school libraries DepEd
1 Feasibility study and creation of additional programs DLL
1 Funding incentives for faculty research and publication DLL
1 Support for Graduate Studies (tuition and transportation) DLL
1 Integration of LMSTC programs to DLL (Tech Voc. Training) DLL
1 Land Development of DonVictor Ville CMO, UPAD
2 Housing and Development of Landing Strip or the CAAP Property CMO, UPAD
3 None-Core Properties of PNR as Socialized Housing Sites CMO, UPAD
4 Acquisition of lots as probable relocation site CMO, UPAD
5 Provide assistance to 152-recognized UP-HOAs CMO, UPAD
6 Establishment of citywide HOA database CMO, UPAD
Public Order and Safety
1 Installation of CCTV PNP
2 Construction of Lucena City Fire Station BFP
3 Revision of traffic ordinances. CMO-TEF
4 Implementation of curfew PNP, LNB
5 Purchase of fire truck and ambulance BFP
6 Purchase of Safety Protective gear PNP, LNB
7 Oplan Tokhang PNP
8 Rehabilitation of drug-dependent confinement after- care enrollment @ LMSTC livelihood program CADAC
9 DARE Program: Training of DARE officers (Drug-Abuse Resistance Education) CADAC
10 Teaching of DARE program CADAC
11 Creation of Plantilla Position as mandated by RA 10121 LCDRRM
12 Integrate PATROL 911 personnel & function to LCDRRMC LCDRRM
13 Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation LCDRRM
14 Response and Rehabilitation LCDRRM
15 Quick Response Activities LCDRRM


Business and Industry Promotion Office Responsible
1 Creation of Local Investment Board and Amendment of Local Investment and Incentives Code BPLO, CTO, SP, CPDO
2 Establishment of Lucena City Economic and Investment Promotion Division CMO, CPDO, BPLO, CTO
3 General Revision of Local Revenue Code SP, CTO
4 General Revision of Real Property Tax CTO, CAO
5 Implementation of Idle Land Tax CTO, CAO, SP
6 Establishment of Agri-Industrial Park CMO, CEO, CPDO
7 Mobile Manpower Skills Training CMO, CPDO-LMSTC
8 Traffic Reform Program CMO-Traffic Division
9 Creation of Barangay Employment Service Unit PESO
Support to Agriculture Sector
1 Irrigation Support CAO
2 Crop Production CAO
3 Farm Mechanization CAO
4 Maintenance and Improvement of City and Barangay Nurseries CAO
5 Institutionalization of Organic Agriculture in Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Resources sector CAO
6 Agribusiness and Product Promotion and Development CAO
7 Construction of City Slaughterhouse CAO
8 Rice Crop Management (RCM) CAO
9 Techno-Gabay Program CAO
Support to Fishery Sector
1 Fishery Sector Development CAO
2 Marine Resource Conservation and Management CAO
3 FishR Program - Municipal Fisherfolk Registration CAO
4 Boat-R Registration CAO
Tourism Promotion
1 Creation of Local Tourism Office CMO, CPDO, SP
2 Institutionalization of Pasayahan Festival and Fiesta de Luces in DOT Calendar of Activities CMO, SP
3 Eco-Tourism Park along Riverbank CMO, CEO, UPAD, CPDO
4 Agri-Tourism Promotion CMO, CAO, CPDO
5 Construction of Welcome Arc CMO, CPDO
6 Additional monument along Bonifacio Drive, i.e. Gomburza, General Luna CMO, CPDO


Legislation Office Responsible
1 Formulation of Market Code SP
2 Review and Amendment of Revenue Code SP
3 Review and Amendment of Investment Code SP
4 General Revision of Real Property Code SP
5 Review and Codification of Existing Ordinances SP
Human Resource Management and Development
1 Re-engineering of Existing Staffing Pattern HRMO
c. Customer Service
1 Review of Citizen's Charter HRMO
2 Installation of Public Assistance Desk (PAD) HRMO
Revenue Generation
1 Sports Arena CEO
2 Port Expansion CEO
Administrative Governance
1 Updating of Government Website CPDO
2 Enhancement of GIS CPDO
3 Installation of CCTV System (City Hall and Public Market) CMO
4 Installation of Interlinked Computer Network CMO
5 Approval of CLUP and Zoning Ordinance CPDO
6 Rehabilitation of City Hall Annex for DLL and Construction of Multi-Purpose Gym CEO, CMO
7 Rehabilitation and expansion plans for Old City Hall Building, Engineering Complex, City Health Office, RAC and PNP CEO, CMO
8 Launching the full module of the Community-Based Management System CPDO
9 Formulation of the 6-year Comprehensive Development Plan CPDO
10 Review, Rehabilitation and Computerization of Existing Civil Registration System CCRO


Office Responsible
1 Rehabilitation/Conversion of City Hall Annex to DLL CEO
2 Construction of Sanitary Landfill CEO
3 Riprapping and Dredging of Iyam River (from Spillway to Cotta) CEO
4 Construction of Additional Niches in New Public Cemetery in Brgy Marketview CEO
5 Rehabilitation of Old Public Cemetery CEO
6 Construction of Drainage Canal at Purok Masagana, Brgy. Ibabang Iyam CEO
7 Rehabilitation of Public Market Annex CEO
8 Construction of Sewer and Sewage Treatment Plant CEO
9 Rehabilitation and Conversion of Old City Hall Bldg to Public Library and Museum CEO
10 Construction of Spillway joining Brgy. 10 and Market View CEO
11 Road Widening from Maharlika Highway to Diversion Road (Jolos) CEO
12 Road Widening from DZEL to Diversion Road CEO
13 Improvement of Rotonda and Construction of Center Islands at the Intersection of Diversion Road and Eco-Tourism Road CEO
14 Mini-Hyrdro Power and Bulk Water Supply CEO / CPDO


Office Responsible
1 Solid Waste Management Program GSO-SWMD
      • Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Campaign
      • Establishment of SWM Facilities
      • Enforcement
      • Residual Waste Processing
      • Closure of Open Dumpsite
      • Conversion of closed Open Dumpsite to Eco-Park/Nursery
2 Clean and Green Program GSO-SWMD
3 Rehabilitation of Iyam and Dumacaa River GSO-SWMD
4 Reactivation of City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) GSO-SWMD