City Government of Lucena

Lucena City is the capital of Quezon Province. It lies approximately 137 kilometers from Manila and can be reached by land via the Maharlika Highway. Lucena covers approximately 84.03 square kilometers or 8,402.66 hectares. This represents 9.6 percent of the province and 1.15 percent of the 2nd district’s total land areas.

The City is a vibrant community with a mixed culture as a large number of migrants come and go either to permanently settle or do business. It is the only Highly Urbanized City in the Calabarzon region which makes it a fast flourishing urban community and Economic Zone.

Geographic Location

Lucena is bounded on the north and northeast by the Municipality of Pagbilao, on the south and southeast by the Tayabas Bay, on the southwest by the Municipality of Sariaya, and on the northwest by the City of Tayabas.



Lucena City is generally on a flat to moderate terrain being at the outskirt of Mt. Banahaw and along the coastal plains of Tayabas Bay with an elevation of 22 meters above sea level.


The city is situated on a flat terrain with slightly rolling hills. Most of the land area has a slope of zero to three percent (0 - 3%) level to lightly slope. Slope of ten to twenty percent (10 – 20 %) comprises very small portions of the land.

The City is wedged between two (2) big rivers, the Dumacaa River in the eastern part and the Iyam River in the western part of the City. A total of eleven (11) rivers and nine (9) creeks serve as natural drainage for the city.


The City of Lucena, imbued with strong and moral leadership, God-loving and empowered citizenry envisions to be the premier city in Southern Tagalog providing sustainable development, creating opportunities for socio-economic, agro-industrial and technological growth, ensuring a peaceful and safe environment and improving the quality of life of its people.


The City Government of Lucena shall uphold honest and transparent governance, boost investment opportunities, improve the quality of health and education, create employment through establishment of technological and agro-industries, ensure protection and sustainability of the environment, and promote peace and order that will uplift the Lucenahins' quality of life.